VELOCITA : ROME I ( Single Wire )

Model Name : VELOCITA : ROME I Single Wire Speaker Cable
Length : 2.4 M
Price : 11,990 Baht




VELOCITA : ROME I - Single Wire Speaker Cable

Grand Spiral Concentric TM : The most powerful cabling structural design , consist of total 13 individual huge-size solid core conductors, technically structuralized by one heroic conductor at the center covered by air tube, then spirally rounded by the other twelve. As a result, this creates a “Synergistic Effect” that allows audio signal conveyed with more power and precision, while eliminating undesired noise via its spiral construction. With our proprietary technique, the perfection of all audio frequency ranges, high, mid, and low, is determined.

Single Crystal Copper TM : The worlds renowned type of conductor. It is considered in HiFi industry as "Best Copper", professionally developed to achieve perfect crystalized arrangement in the conductor’s molecules, and passed more complex processes than ordinary oxygen free copper, tinned plated copper, bare copper and even silver plated copper. It provides the ultimate audio performance in dynamic, power, clarity, and details, in every range of frequency. As a consequence, it best unleashes the true nature of both musical and cinematic reproduction. Thankfully, all individual solid core conductors of Rome V are made of "Single Crystal Copper".

Solid Core : all individual conductors of VELOCITA ROME are "Pure Solid", "Extra Huge", and "Equal Size" to achieve highest consistency in signal transmission. No strand, the main cause of signal distortion and interference, is used, hence, allow the ever finest track for audio signal transmission. => Blacker Background

Gold Plated Banana Plug : With solderless technique, it allows conductors and banana plug freely connected together without any harm of heat and lead effect. 24k gold plated is applied to the plug to strengthen the signal at the beginning until the end of the loop and also prevent possible occurrence of oxidation.

Finest Metal Shell : Not just a plastic or shrink tube, VELOCITA ROME is using the “finest non-magnetic metal” as a plug shell, ensure nearly "noise free" by the blocking of Electromagnetic Interference.

Bi-Wiring : Double the conductors means double the performance. VELOCITA ROME V – BI-WIRE does not only fulfill your speaker terminal, but also amazingly maximize the audio outcome. The significant difference between Single Wire and Bi-Wire can be easily noticed.

VELOCITA : ROME I Speaker Cable

- Length 2.4 M
- Ultra High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
- Grand Spiral Concentric
- Solid Core Conductor
- Gold Plated Banana Plug
- Solderless Connector
- Finest Metal Shell : Matte Black
- Signal Flow Arrow Indicator
- Black PET Braiding
- Single Wire & Bi-Wire for Selection

Price 11,990 Baht